CGTC's Quality Enhancement Plan

What is a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)?

The QEP describes a carefully designed course of action that addresses a well-defined and focused topic or issue related to enhancing student learning. The QEP should be embedded within the institution's ongoing integrated institution-wide planning and evaluation process and may very well evolve from this existing process or from other processes related to the institution's internal reaffirmation review. (SACS/COC QEP Handbook 2007)


Addressing the ALFFA Bs, Central Georgia Technical College

Addressing the ALFAA Bs

Identifying Barriers and Setting Benchmarks through Purposeful Advisement: A Plan to Improve Performance of At-Risk Students

The Plan is designed to improve the environment surrounding student learning for at-risk students, those who are first-time, first-generation, and/or academically challenged, by implementing a three-pronged intervention strategy: 1) a purposeful advising approach (ALFAA - The Five-Step Advisement Process); 2) academic support, including a college readiness course (COLL 1500); and 3) student support services, including an early alert system (TEAMS). The College utilized broad based participation and an institutional data review in the discovery and development of the focus and Plan. Therefore, to meet the College's Mission and the educational needs of a very diverse student body, more specifically the at-risk population, CGTC has established the following goals and expected student learning outcomes as a result of this Plan's implementation.

ALFAA Goals and Desired Student Learning Outcomes

QEP Plan Goals
Student Learning Outcomes
1. Students will be knowledgeable of purposeful advising and techniques which support student learning a. Students will be able to devise and use an academic plan which promotes program completion
b. Students will utilize academic support resources for successful course completion
c. Students will utilize student support resources which enhance their educational goals
2. Students will be able to access and use College resources a. Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge in using college success resources, e.g. BannerWeb, Gateway, DegreeWorks, and student email, as well as registration, and withdrawal procedures. b. Students will be able to locate appropriate reference materials utilizing learning resources
3. Students will be successful in their academic support and program-level courses a. Students enrolled in COLL 1500 will be successful in their co-requisite Learning Support course. b. Students successfully completing COLL 1500 and Learning Support/LS 0090 courses will be successful in the program-level ENGL and/or MATH

Plan Guidance

The Plan is guided by a QEP Steering Committee. The QEP Steering Committee and sub-groups are comprised of members from the College community.

Steering Committee Members
Joyce Wilson-Young English Instructor (WR)
LaTasha Price Success Coach (Macon)
Dr. Cindy Rumney Dean, Distance Education
Shalah Gale Cosmetology Instructor (Macon)
Wayne Lockwood Computer Info Systems Instructor (Macon)
Chauncey Keaton Math Instructor (Milledgeville)
Jackie Turner Associate Dean (Milledgeville)
Jessica Willcox Nursing Instructor (WR)
Julia Nell Shaw Assistant VP for Student Affairs
Valeria Patterson Academic Success Center Coordinator
Carter Nipper Librarian Milledgeville Campus
DeAnn Nester Assistant VP for Academic Affairs
Brandon Elam Director of Testing
Dr. Jeff Hoffman Electronics Faculty
Donna Dutcher Special Populations Director
Marcus Early Director Crawford County Center
Brittany Lucas Director Hawkinsville WD Center
Carrie Dietrich Director Putnam County Center
Tatrabian Jackson Director Monroe County Center
Yumi Kim Adult Learning Center (ALC) Instructor
Lorna Cox Health Sciences Success Coach
Carol Lee Instructional Technology Director
Community Partner Program Advisory Member Health Technologies
Community Partner Program Advisory Member Business & Computer Technology
Student Representative Academic Program
Members Advisement Committee
Members Marketing Committee
Members Retention Committee/DREAM Team

QEP Data Team Members
Bonnie Quinn Director for IE
Veatrice Rozier Student Progression Coordinator
Rolandria Tolbert Program Specialist for IE
Brian Snelgrove Assistant VP for Knowledge Management
Sam Lester Director for Professional Development/Special Projects
Dr. Amy Holloway VP for Academic Affairs
Deborah Burks VP for IE

For more information on the College's QEP, The ALFAA Bs, contact Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman, QEP Chair/Coordinator, 478-218-3242 or by email at