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CGTC Wins Award from Governor

Becky Lee and Ann Lear, members of the Department of Economic Development at Central Georgia Technical College, were presented the “Job Profiling Team of the Year” award by the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development at the second annual Georgia Work Ready Awards luncheon at the Georgia Freight Depot in Atlanta on November 2.

Lee, the Vice President of Economic Development, and Lear, Business and Industry Training Specialist, were recognized for profiling more jobs in the community than any other team across the state. Since January of 2009, 17 new industry job profiles have been completed, helping businesses in central Georgia hire and retain better workers. Companies implementing the Work Ready program have improved hiring procedures, reduced turnover, reduced training costs, increased productivity and profitability, and have seen an increase in employee morale.

“Work Ready is helping make our state a top destination for jobs and investment,” said Governor Perdue. “Through the Work Ready program, communities around Georgia have rallied together and committed to developing the talented workforce that business demands and the educational infrastructure to drive sustained economic growth and prosperity.”

The Georgia Work Ready program is available at no cost for companies meeting minimum hiring requirements and is easy to access through the state's network of technical colleges. Georgia companies can implement Work Ready two ways - through job profiling and Work Ready Certificates. Work Ready job profiles identify the job tasks and skill levels necessary to be successful in any job. Companies match those profiles to employees' Work Ready Certificates which measure core skills to ensure the appropriate person is placed in the correct job every time.

From left are Ann Lear and Becky Lee.

Submitted by Tonya McClure
November 19, 2009


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