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Frequently Asked Questions

Who takes the COMPASS Exit test?
COMPASS testing is required for degree-seeking students at the Math 0099, English 0098, and Reading 0098 levels who are currently passing these courses with an average of 70% or above. This requirement applies to students in the classroom, hybrid or online.

What does the COMPASS Exit test involve?
Math 0099, English 0098, and Reading 0098 students will be taking the COMPASS, a computerized adaptive testing system. The student will receive a grade based on a sliding scale which will constitute 10% of the student's overall course average. Students who do not take the COMPASS will receive a grade of 0.

• Algebra (MATH 0099)
66 to 99 = 100%
54 to 65 = 95%
46 to 53 = 85%
37 to 45 = 75%
0 to 36 = 65%

• Writing (ENGL 0098)
90 to 100 = 100%
80 to 89 = 95%
70 to 79 = 85%
62 to 69 = 75%
0 to 61 = 65%

• Reading (READ 0098)
79 to 99 = same as COMPASS score (i.e. COMPASS 85 would be a grade of 85%)
0 to 78 = 65%

Where and when do students take the Exit test?
Several computer labs will be set aside for COMPASS exit testing at all CGTC locations during the last week of class. This will be the only week scheduled for COMPASS testing. Online students can take the test at any CGTC location or must contact Michael Repzynski, Learning Support Coordinator at 478-471-5182 to arrange remote testing at another technical college. All students taking the COMPASS test must present a CGTC or other photo ID and a permission form signed by the instructor in order for the exit test to be administered.

How long does the test take?
The COMPASS test is untimed. The test is adaptive, meaning it offers students a range in number and difficulty of questions, depending upon your responses. As a result, there will be some variance in how long the test lasts. The average completion time on the test is about 40 minutes.

How do I prepare for the test?

CGTC’s Academic Success Center (Macon Campus D-124, 757-3674) offers free tutoring assistance. Students can also take a COMPASS Diagnostic test, which closely resembles the exit test and provides detailed feedback on what areas to study.

COMPASS sample questions

CGTC Study Guide

Chart Your Success on the COMPASS Test (Library Call Number: LB 3060.32 .C65 C34 2005) by Commander, Cotter and Callahan is a test preparation and study guide designed specifically for the COMPASS Test. Multiple copies are available for checkout from the Macon and Milledgeville Libraries and one in-house Reference copy is available for use at the Crawford Center.

Test-taking workshops. Look for notices posted throughout the Macon and Milledgeville campuses.

What happens if I do not pass the test?
The COMPASS is not a pass/fail exit test. It is worth 10% of the student's course grade. Students who have below a 70% course grade will need to retake the course.