Upon entering CGTC, each student is assigned a faculty advisor to assist him/her in selecting appropriate courses of study and to supervise his/her academic progress while enrolled in a degree, diploma, or technical certificate program. The student should meet with the assigned advisor before registering each term.

Although students may take courses at any campus, advisement should be done with the assigned program major advisor. It is the student's responsibility, however, to be aware of courses required for graduation/completion of the chosen major, to meet all graduation/completion requirements, and to complete the registration process each term.

Advisement Links

The following advisement links are located in the Student Secure Area. Your BannerWeb ID and PIN are required.

Advisement Worksheets

Student advisement worksheets are maintained by Academic Affairs in the CGTC Wiki. Advisement sheets contain a list of courses, pre/corequisites, course requirements, sequences, credit and contact hours and other information to meet graduation requirements.

Specific Courses Advisement