Tuition and Fees

All students are responsible for paying their tuition and fees with cash, check or credit/debit card, financial aid, third party (employer, public agency or support program) or by any combination listed. Online credit card, debit card, and check payments may be made via the CGTC website. However, all charges remain the responsibility of the student. Students must have tuition and fees paid by the payment deadline for that term. Students that have not paid their tuition and fees will be purged (removed) from classes.

No transcripts, grades, applications, or attendance reports will be released for any student who has an outstanding obligation to the College including tuition, fees, fines, institutional charges, returned checks, or academic obligations.

Tuition/fees are subject to change at the beginning of any term. Non-resident student tuition is twice the amount charged to Georgia residents. International student tuition is four times the amount charged to Georgia residents.

Tuition per Credit Hour
Credit Hour
1 $89.00
2 178.00
3 267.00
4 356.00
5 445.00
6 534.00
7 623.00
8 712.00
9 801.00
10 890.00
11 979.00
12 (full-time) 1068.00
13 1157.00
14 1246.00
15 or more 1335.00

* Commercial Truck Driving tuition is $132/credit hour.


Required Fees
Health and Fitness Fee $30.00
Instructional and Technology Support Fee 105.00
Institutional Fee 55.00
Registration Fee 55.00
Student Activities 40.00
Student Accident Insurance 4.00


Other Fees
Application Fee (one-time nonrefundable fee) $25.00
Late Registration Fee 45.00
Returned Check Fee 30.00
Parking Ticket 5.00
Replacement of Student ID 5.00
Replacement of Parking Tag 5.00
Exemption Examination (per credit hour) 25% of tuition
** Medical Liability Insurance (where required)
one-time charge
Graduation Application Fee 35.00
Certificate/Diploma/Degree Reprint Fee 25.00
Compass Retest cost for non-CGTC applicants 20.00
Transcript Fee 5.00


** EMT and Paramedic Technical Certificates of Credit have a medical liability insurance charge of $46.00.


For a comprehensive listing of tuition and fees,
please refer to the CGTC catalog.


Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator is a web application to help students and parents determine how much they will likely pay to attend college.