VISA Pre-Paid Debit Card

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VISA Pre-Paid Debit Card?

The VISA Pre-Paid Debit Card is the way to receive your financial aid refunds easier! Once you are approved for a financial aid refund and the amount is processed, it will be loaded onto your card each term, so keep your card in a safe place.

How will I receive my VISA Pre-Paid Debit Card?

Make sure you have your correct address on file with CGTC by the first day of the term. The card will be mailed to students that have applied for financial aid each term. You must ensure your address is accurate and a deliverable address. Your VISA Pre-Paid Debit Card cannot be forwarded to another address.

I have been receiving my Financial Aid refunds by direct deposit. How do I switch to the VISA Pre-Paid Debit Card?

Fill out a Student Direct Deposit Form and return to the Business Office by the first day of the term.

Is there a fee for the card?

There is no cost for your first card or for using your card at local businesses or at SunTrust ATMs. There is a $5.00 charge to replace lost cards and a $2.00 charge for using your card in non-SunTrust ATMs.

What do I do when I receive my card?

Activate it right away. To activate it: Call the 1-800 number of the front of the card or visit Then keep your card in a safe place and do not share your PIN with anyone.

How do I use my card?

You can use your VISA Pre-Paid Debit Card just like a debit card at local businesses, the CGTC bookstore, or anywhere that accepts VISA cards. You may also withdraw funds at SunTrust ATMs or at any SunTrust branch office.

When will funds be added to my card?

For students receiving financial aid refunds, funds will be loaded to your card based on financial aid refund schedule. To be in the first round for each term you must have completed your application and submitted all requirement documents by the posted deadlines, been determined eligible, and registered and attended eligible program and courses.

How much money is on my card?

You can check your balance by calling 1-866-209-4909 or by visiting

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Call 1-866-209-4909. There is a $5.00 cost for a replacement card.

More Information

Note: Students must renew their financial aid each year in February by completing the New Year FASFA. Visit CGTC's Financial Aid Webpage for more information.

Note: A student's financial aid eligibility can change after the refund is placed on his/her VISA Pre-Paid Debit Card.  The student may be determined not eligible to receive the funds or a portion of the funds.  The student is responsible for paying back the funds they were deemed not eligible to receive. 

The top three reasons a student's financial aid award and refund is changed:

  1. Student withdraws or stops attending classes; therefore does not earn his or her financial aid award.  You must attend classes to earn all of your aid.
  2. Student is found in default or in overpayment of a previous student loan or award from another college and CGTC is notified of it after the student has enrolled in CGTC.
  3. Student already received the Pell Grant at another college during the same year and did not inform CGTC before enrolling.

Contact the Financial Aid Office for questions regarding financial aid eligibility.
Contact the Business Office for questions regarding the use of your VISA Pre-Paid Debit Card.

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