Scholarships and Lending Library

Congratulations to our scholarship recipients!

PDF Complete list of scholarship recipients for Fall 2014 semester



Applying for scholarships with the CGTC Foundation has never been easier! Students can now apply online and check the status of a scholarship application without ever picking up the phone.

The deadline for spring scholarship applications is February 20, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted or considered.

Printable Checklist for Applying Online

Click HERE for printable instructions that will show you how to get started with STARS.
Have your academic transcript ready – you will need it to answer some of the questions on the application. You can access your transcript from BannerWeb.
Go to STARS using Internet Explorer (other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox do not work with STARS). If you have already used STARS, please DO NOT create a new account. Use the username and password that you used last semester.
Complete the online application and apply for the scholarship(s) that you are eligible for.
Check STARS to make sure that your current CGTC instructor has submitted the recommendation that you requested:
  1. Log into STARS using Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the Letter of Recommendation tab.
  3. Look in the Responded column: if your instructor has submitted a recommendation for you, you will see Responded and the date in the Responded column. If you see No Response, your instructor has not submitted a recommendation for you. You can send another request to your instructor by clicking the Re-Send button.
  4. Your application will not be considered complete until the instructor recommendation has been received.
Check your student email account and the email address that you used in STARS frequently. All scholarship announcements will be sent to these email accounts. Foundation staff cannot provide scholarship award information over the phone.

Need Help with STARS?

For questions with your STARS application, contact STARS technical support at (847) 859-5017, Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM, or send an email. We also encourage you to watch this video tutorial:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click HERE for a printable info sheet with frequently asked questions and additional instructions.

Q. How can scholarship funds be used?
A. Scholarship funds will be applied to the student’s College account to be used for tuition and fees (after all other financial assistance has been exhausted). Scholarship funds will not be dispersed directly to the student unless the student graduates from the College with unused Foundation scholarship funds on his/her student account. Scholarships unclaimed within two semesters of scholarship award date may revert back to the Foundation.
Q. I've been awarded a scholarship... now what do I need to do?
A. All scholarship recipients are required to attend the Award's Day ceremony and write a thank you note to your scholarship donor. Check your email for complete instructions and important dates.
Q. What if I have questions or need help with my online application?

For questions regarding the STARS online system, please email or call (847) 859-5017 Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM. For questions related to a specific scholarship, please contact Alicia Long at (478) 218-3311 or via email.

Lending Library

The Lending Library is designed to assist CGTC students that have exhausted ALL financial aid options and have no other means of purchasing textbooks for their classes. The Foundation will NOT provide books to students that have adequate financial aid to purchase their books.

Application Deadline

The deadline for Lending Library applications for summer semester is Tuesday, May 26 at 4:45 p.m. Late applications will not be considered.

Lending Library Policy and Application

Please click HERE for a printable copy of the Lending Library policy and application.

Click HERE for instructions on how to obtain a printout of your textbook costs.

Return the completed application, printout of the cost of all your textbooks, and signed Lending Library Policy to the Foundation office at the Warner Robins campus (Building A, Room 226) or Macon campus (Building A, Room 413).

Scholarships (Other Competitive)

These scholarships are NOT administered by the CGTC Foundation.

TCSG Foundation

For information on scholarship opportunities offered by the Technical College System of Georgia Foundation, please visit the TCSG website.

Other Competitive Scholarships

A list of other competitive scholarships can be found on the Financial Aid section of the website.