Introduction to Computers

Prerequisites: None

In Introduction to Microcomputers, students will define computers, identify hardware components, discuss disk drives and floppy disks, and explore software. Students will then navigate through Windows, work with windows, use Windows Explorer, work with folders, files, and floppy disks, and learn how to purchase a computer system.

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Defining Computers
Defining Computers
Describing the History of Computers
Identifying Hardware Components
Describing the Microprocessor
Describing Memory
Describing Peripherals
Discussing Disk Drives and Floppy Disks
Describing Hard Disks
Describing CD-ROM Drives
Exploring Software
Describing Operating Systems
Describing Application Software
Navigating through Windows 95
Touring the Desktop
Using the Start Menu
Working with Windows
Moving and Sizing Windows
Working with Menus
Using Windows Explorer
Starting Windows Explorer
Viewing Folders and Files
Working with Folders and Files
Creating Folders
Moving and Copying Files
Working with Floppy Disks
Formatting Floppy disks
Copying Files to Floppy Disks
Purchasing a Computer System
Describing a Needs Analysis
Performing a Needs Analysis