Excel 2007 Intermediate

Prerequisites: Excel 2007 Basic

This ILT Series course, rated 4.9/5.0 in overall quality by ProCert Labs, builds on the skills and concepts taught in Excel 2007: Basic. Students will learn how to use multiple worksheets and workbooks efficiently, and they will start working with more advanced formatting options including styles, themes, backgrounds, and watermarks. They will also learn how to create outlines and subtotals, how to create and apply cell names, and how to work with lists and tables. Students will save workbooks as Web pages, insert and edit hyperlinks, and save a workbook as a PDF file. This course also covers advanced charting techniques, worksheet auditing and protection, file sharing and merging, and workbook templates. Comes with CertBlaster exam prep software (download).

Designated as Approved Courseware for the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist program, this course will help students prepare for the Excel 2007 exam (77-602). For comprehensive certification training, students should complete Excel 2007: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

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Class Content:

                         Unit 1:  Using multiple worksheets and workbooks

                               Topic A:  Using multiple workbooks

                               Topic B:  Linking worksheets with 3-D formulas

                               Topic C:  Linking workbooks

                               Topic D:  Managing workbooks

                         Unit 2:  Advanced formatting

                               Topic A:  Using special number formats

                               Topic B:  Using functions to format text

                               Topic C:  Working with styles

                               Topic D:  Working with themes

                               Topic E:  Other advanced formatting

                         Unit 3:  Outlining and subtotals

                               Topic A:  Outlining and consolidating data

                               Topic B:  Creating subtotals

                         Unit 4:  Cell and range names

                               Topic A:  Creating and using names

                               Topic B:  Managing names

                         Unit 5:  Lists and tables

                               Topic A:  Examining lists

                               Topic B:  Sorting and filtering lists

                               Topic C:  Advanced filtering

                               Topic D:  Working with tables

                         Unit 6:  Web and Internet features

                               Topic A:  Saving workbooks as Web pages

                               Topic B:  Using hyperlinks

                               Topic C:  Distributing workbooks

                         Unit 7:  Advanced charting

                               Topic A:  Chart formatting options

                               Topic B:  Combination charts

                               Topic C:  Graphic elements

                         Unit 8:  Documenting and auditing

                               Topic A:  Auditing features

                               Topic B:  Comments in cells and workbooks

                               Topic C:  Protection

                               Topic D:  Workgroup collaboration

                         Unit 9:  Templates and settings

                               Topic A:  Application settings

                               Topic B:  Built-in templates

                               Topic C:  Creating and managing templates