Access 2007 VBA Programming

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Prerequisites: Access 2007 Application Development

This ILT Series course, rated 4.9/5.0 in overall quality by ProCert Labs, is designed for experienced Access 2007 users who want to learn ActiveX Data Objects, control structures, and the basics of VBA programming. Comes with CertBlaster pre- and post-assessment software (download).

Table Of Contents:

Unit 1: Visual Basic Editor
Topic A: Objects
Topic B: Object Browser
Topic C: Collections

Unit 2: Programming basics
Topic A: Working with data
Topic B: Scope

Unit 3: Control structures
Topic A: Decision structures
Topic B: Loop structures

Unit 4: ActiveX Data Objects
Topic A: Getting started with ActiveX Data Objects
Topic B: Working with ActiveX Data Objects

Unit 5: VBA debugging tools
Topic A: Errors in code
Topic B: Debugging techniques
Topic C: Handling runtime errors

Appendix A: Office integration
Topic A: Automating Office 2007
Topic B: Working with Word from Access
Topic C: Working with Excel from Access