The IT Professional Associate degree will emphasize specialized training in home and corporate networking; computer maintenance; operating system installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting; information security; computer programming; and web site design. These skills represent the subset of knowledge expected from graduates in the CGTC service area. The program graduate receives an Associate of Applied Science Degree and is employable as an information technology specialist, help desk support specialist, network installation specialist, PC repair technician, or network administrator.

Associate Degree
Program Length 65 Credit Hours
Education Requirements High School graduate or GED recipient; Minimum age: 16
Entrance Dates Every Semester
Offered Warner Robins, Macon, and Milledgeville Campuses

Minimum Test Scores      
  Test: Asset Compass Not Required
Reading 41 79  
English 35 62  
Mathematics 42    
Algebra 42 37  

Information Technology Professional Curriculum

Credit Hours

General Education Core Courses
Area I - English/Humanities/Fine Arts  
ENGL 1101 Composition and Rhetoric
Area II - Social/Behavioral Sciences  
XXXX xxxx Social Behavioral Sciences Elective
Area III - Natural Sciences/Mathematics  
Choose one (1) Math course from the following three courses:  
MATH 1100 Quantitative Skills and Reasoning
MATH 1101 Mathematical Modeling 3
MATH 1111 College Algebra 3
Area IV - Humanities/Fine Arts  
XXXX xxxx Humanities/Fine Arts Elective
Program-Specific Requirements  
XXXX xxxx General Core Elective
Occupational Courses
COMP 1000 Introduction to Computers 3
CIST 1001 Computer Concepts 4
CIST 1122 Hardware Installation and Maintenance 4
CIST 1130 Operating Systems Concepts 3
CIST 1305 Program Design and Development 3
CIST 1401 Computer Networking Fundamentals 4
CIST 1601 Information Security Fundamentals 3
CIST 2411 Microsoft Client
CIST xxxx CIST Server Elective
CIST 2451 Introduction to Networks - Cisco
CIST 2452 Cisco Routing and Switching Essentials
CIST xxxx CIST electives
  Choose one (1) of the following Programming courses:
CIST 2311 Visual Basic I 4
CIST 2341 C# Programming I 4
CIST 2351 PHP Programming I 4
CIST 2361 C++ Programming I 4
CIST 2371 Java Programming I 4
CIST 2381 Mobile Application Development 4
CIST 2580 Interactive and Social Apps Integration 4
Total Hours